Nitric Acid

MAGNAC® Process

(Nitric acid high concentration with magnesium nitrate solution)

This MAGNAC® Process is used to produce high concentrated nitric acid starting from weak nitric acid.

The NAC® column pressure is atmospheric, while the reconcentration unit for magnesium nitrate is operated under vacuum conditions.

The column is heated indirectly by a reboiler through steam, while simultaneously a pre-concentration of the magnesium nitrate is achieved in the sump.

The further concentration of the magnesium nitrate brine up takes place in the evaporator unit.

This plant is able to produce a very pure nitric acid of more than 99 % HNO3. The acid can be achieved absolutely colourless and free of NOx.



High effective columns minimise losses and energy consumption.

The condensate from the concentrator is distilled water, which contains only traces of nitric acid. This water is often used as feed water for the production of weak nitric acid from ammonia. In such a case no waste water is produced and nitric acid is recovered with 100 % yield.

Any salts entering the unit with the weak nitric acid feed are collected in the magnesium nitrate solution. Any precipitating solids can be separated by filtering, so that the solution can be used for years and no exchange is necessary.

The effluent gas can be purified from NOx in the PLINKE NOx  absorber.